Friday, February 22, 2013

2:05 AM

American Actor Jan-Michael Vincent Net Worth 2013. Jan-Michael Vincent is a retired American actor who has a 2013 net worth of $200 thousand. Jan-Michael Vincent earned his net worth from numerous film and television roles such as the character Stringfellow Hawke in the 1980s TV series Airwolf. Vincent was born on July 15, 1944 in Denver, Colorado.  His first acting job was in the 1967 film The Bandits.00034827-NPP-001 Jan-Michael has been married to Patricia Ann his third wife since 2000 and currently lives in Vicksburg, Mississippi. During an interview on the TV program The Insider on September 18, 2007 he admits to struggling with alcoholism for more than 20 years and he believes that alcohol robbed him of his career and memories. He has also made guest appearances on such popular television shows as Dragnet, Lassie, Bonanza, Marcus Welby M.D., Gunsmoke, Toma, and Police Story.


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  2. Thats rite jan.u had to to b there to get rite here.hope your sober.i have 18mos today myself!everyday is a new adventure clean.the stuff didnt work no i threw the towl in.i had to surender to win.its my biggest triumph.i wish the same for you...u have the looks the talent the name and fame theres only one jan-michael i allways thaught it was me but its you..stay up my friend..