Thursday, February 28, 2013

3:22 AM

Top 10 richest musicians in the world is hip-hop artist Jay-Z. Since 1996, he's sold over 50 million records worldwide and parlayed his musical success into lucrative businesses in the realms of fashion, cuisine and advertising.When it comes to the size of his fortune, however, Jay-Z is number two among fellow hip-hop artists. The top spot goes to Sean  Diddy Combs, who tops the 2013. The current richest singer in the world 2013 is a Famous hip-hop rapper and Beyonce’s Husband Jay-znet worth according to Forbes magazine.He is a rapper and Music producer and artist.Watch all list of richest musicians. Top 10 Richest Musicians

1. Jay-Z  Networh $92 million

2. Rolling Stones Networh $88 million

3. Madonna Networh $76 million

4. Bon Jovi Networh $69 million

5. Elton John Networh $57 million

6. Celine Dion Networh $48 million

7. Tim McGraw Networh $39 million 8. 50 Cent $35 million

9. Sean (Diddy) Combs Networh $29 million

10. Justin Timberlake Networh $24 million -


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