Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Who is the Top 50 richest person in every state? Over the last more than a few months we have been working conscientiously to make Celebrity Net Worth better, faster and more fun to visit every day. For example, we built a page that displays the Top 100 Richest People in the World, Who is the richest person in the World in 2013 . updated in real time with their rank current net worth. Today we are very excited to preview a project that has been in the works for at least six months.

Top 50 Richest Person In Every StateA while back we thought it would be cool if company had the ability to browse an interactive map of the world to see who the richest people are in every single city, state and country. So we set out to build that page and organize all our data to display wealthy people by geographic location. This turned out the be an enormous task that is still a work in progress, but with a little more work and feedback from our users we can already tell that these maps are going to be awesome. Top 50 richest person 2013 Networth, Soures, Family Details Following Here.Top 50 Richest Person In Every State1Top 50 Richest Person In Every State

1. Washington: Bill Gates – Networth $66 billion (Microsoft)

2. Nebraska: Warren Buffett – Networth $50 billion (Berkshire Hathaway)

3. Kansas: Charles Koch – Networth $43 billion (Chairman of Koch Industries, largest private company in the US)

4. New York: David Koch – Networth $43 billion (EVP of Koch Industries, largest private company in the US)

5. California: Larry Ellison – Networth $41 billion (Founder of Oracle)

6. Wyoming: Christy Walton – Networth $34 billion (Walmart)

7. Arkansas: Jim Walton – Networth $33 billion (Walmart)

8. Texas: Alice Walton – Networth $32 billion (Walmart)

9. Nevada: Sheldon Adelson – Networth $25 billion (Las Vegas Sands casino)

10. Virginia: Jacqueline Mars – Networth $21 billion (Mars Candy Company)

11. Oregon: Phil Knight – Networth $14.1 billion (Nike)

12. Massachusetts: Abigail Johnson – Networth $12.7 billion (Fidelity Investments)

13. Georgia: Anne Cox Chambers – Networth $12.5 billion (Cox Enterprises, cable TV, radio, newspapers)

14. Connecticut: Ray Dalio – Networth $12.5 billion (Bridgewater Associates, investment management)

15. Oklahoma: Harold Hamm – Networth $11 billion (Continental Resources, oil exploration)

16. Missouri: Jack Taylor – Networth $10.4 billion (Enterprise Rent-A-Car)

17. Colorado: Charles Ergen – Networth $10.6 billion (Founder of DISH Network)

18. Hawaii: Pierre Omidyar – Networth $8.7 billion (eBay)

19. Pennsylvania: Hansjorg Wyss – Networth $8.7 billion (Synthes medical manufacturing)

20. North Carolina: James Goodnight – Networth $7.7 billion (SAS Software)

21. New Jersey: Donald Newhouse – Networth $7.3 billion (Advance Publications, The New Yorker, GQ, Vogue,

22. Wisconsin: John Menard – Networth $7 billion (Menards hardware and home improvement chain)

23. Florida: Micky Arison – Networth $5.7 billion (Carnival Cruise Lines, Miami Heat)

24. Michigan: Richard Devos – Networth $5 billion (Amway, Orlando Magic)

25. Montana: Dennis Washington – Networth $5 billion (The Washington Companies, mining, construction)

26. Tennessee: Thomas Frist – Networth $4.8 billion (Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hospital Corp of America)

27. New Hampshire: Patrick McGovern – Networth $4.7 billion (International Data Group)

28. Ohio: Leslie Wexner – Networth $4.3 billion (Limited Brands, Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works)

29. Arizona: Bruce Halle – Networth $4.2 billion (Founder of Discount Tires)

30. Illinois: Ken Griffin – Networth $4.1 billion (Citadel LLC hedge fund)

31. Minnesota: Barbara Carlson Gage – Networth $4.1 billion (Carlson Inc, owner of TGI Friday's, Radisson hotels)

32. Indiana: Gayle Cooke – Networth $4 billion (Cook Group, medical equipment manufacturer)

33. Maryland: Ted Lerner – Networth $4 billion (Lerner Enterprises, real estate, Washington Nationals)

34. Idaho: Robert Earl Holding – Networth $3.2 billion (Sinclair Oil, hotels, resorts)

35. South Carolina: Anita Zucker – Networth $2.6 billion (Hudson's Bay Company, retail, Lord & Taylor)

36. Mississippi: Leslie Lampton – Networth $2.4 billion (Ergon Inc, oil refinery and distribution)

37. Kentucky: Bradley Hughes – Networth $1.9 billion (Public Storage)

38. West Virginia: Jim Justice – Networth $1.7 billion (Bluestone Industries, coal mining)

39. Rhode Island: Jonathan Nelson – Networth $1.5 billion (Providence Equity Partners, investment management)

40. Iowa: Dennis Albaugh – Networth $1.5 billion (Albaugh Inc, Fertilizer, herbicide, chemicals)

41. South Dakota: T. Denny Sanford – Networth $1.3 billion (First Premier Bank, United National Corp)

42. Vermont: Robert Stiller – Networth $1.3 billion (Green Mountain Coffee, Krispy Kreme)

43. Alabama: Marguerite Harbert – Networth $1.2 billion (Harbert Corporation, construction)

44. Louisiana: Tom Benson – Networth $1.1 billion (Car dealerships, New Orleans Saints)

45. Utah: Jon Huntsman Sr – Networth $900 million (The Huntsman Corporation, chemical industry)

46. North Dakota: Gary Tharaldson – Networth $900 million (Tharaldson Companies, hotels, real estate)

47. Maine: Leon Gorman – Networth $860 million (L.L. Bean)

48. Delaware: Robert Gore – Networth $830 million (Inventor of Gore-Tex)

49. New Mexico: Peyton Yates – Networth $760 million (Yates Petroleum Corporation)

50. Alaska: Robert Gillam – Networth $700 million (McKinley Capital, investment banking)


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